30 years with you

The Hey Mr DJ Team, consisting of: DJ ROBBY J. (DJ) and DJ VIDY (DJ and animation on the microphone), provide playing music at all events and occasions … (school dances, anniversaries, weddings, New Year’s dances, New Year’s Eve, parties, …).

We have the largest music database for all tastes and generations!

We have already attended many diverse events across Slovenia and entertained both old and young.
We perform music and animation at various parties, Open Air, pubs, clubs, discos, birthday parties, weddings, events, fairs, proms, school parties, closed company parties …
We also serve a variety of animations and sweepstakes for adults or the youngest ones (of course, we also adapt to the client).

With a rich multi-year tradition, we always orient ourselves to the people who are present at the parties and try to fulfill as much of their musical desires as possible, which means that we explicitly respect the client’s wishes.

We are a good team, but we are rarely surprised by any new thing or experience.

We have professional MACKIE sound system, light show, laser show, fog…!

  • Celjski bazen,
  • Bazen Laguna Ljubljana,
  • Ptujske toplice,
  • Aqualuna Podčetrtek,
  • Kanegra,
  • Club Inter,
  • Club 5,
  • Club Evergreen (CE),
  • Club Palma,
  • Club Cibby,
  • Club Duo,
  • Club Fun House,
  • Club Zapata,
  • Club Casablanca (CE), Diskoteka Galaxy,
  • Diskoteka Jungle (CE),
  • Night Club Črni Baron (ŽA), Rudnik Pub (VE),
  • Diskoteka MG (RS),
  • Club Florijan,
  • Diskoteka S,
  • Club B52,
  • Club Papa Joe (MB),
  • Club Pubiland (Rogatec), Diskoteka Florijan,
  • Club Jadran Express (Radeče), St.Peter’s Pub,
  • Winner Club,
  • Club Da Capo (Hrastnik),
  • Club Bachus (LJ),
  • Frenky’s Pub,
  • Smash Pub,
  • Diskoteka Tarantela (Sl.Konjice), Diskoteka Fire (SG),
  • Royal Pub (SG),
  • Corner Caffe,
  • Čočka Bar,
  • Smash Club,
  • Club Shake,
  • Renome Club,
  • City Cats,
  • Le Plac (Šempeter),
  • Rdeča Armada,
  • Club Mesečina (Trbovlje) ,
  • Club Escape (Celje),
  • Terazza (CE),
  • Club Gams (Sl.Bistrica),
  • Ribniki Preserje,
  • Platinum (ŽA),
  • Pivo in Cvetje,
  • Summer night Vransko,
  • Noč pod Kostanji,
  • Champion Pub,
  • Squash Caffe Vojnik,
  • Pivnica Celjanka,
  • Celeia Clubing
  • SKIFUN Slovenija Saalbach (AUT)
  • Mansion club
  • + veliko izpeljanih house eventov in privat zabav.

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