Are you having trouble organizing a picnic?

Because every picnic can be different, fun and interesting, we can make it happen with our wide selection and ideas.

For a great picnic or wedding (designed as a picnic) we offer you food (chicken, pork, beef…) grilled on charcoal. 


We always consult with you about food and try to serve you as best we can. 

We offer preparation of decoration / ambience, assistance in finding the right place where the picnic will take place, board games, lighting (light show, lasers, fog, …).


We offer a DJ with good music (more than twenty years of experience in spinning music, following musical preferences, open to all your suggestions and ideas).

Send us your inquiry or call us and let us know your wishes so that we can make your picnic as attractive as possible together.

Unikat zabava, za vse, ki ste unikatni in polni domišljije!
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